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Why Choose PG Swimming Academy?

International Certifications

  • Swim America Accredited Swim School 
  • American Swimming Coaches Association
  • MSN Sports Science
  • FINA Certification

Variety of Aquatic Programs

  • Uniquely tailored swimming programs to suit individual needs 
  • Effective Learn-To-Swim Programme for infants as young as 6 months old to 12-years-old 
  • Specialised tools and equipment for students of all ages

Certifications and Performance Appraisal

  • Progressive learning tracker
  • Swim America Certifications
  • Certifications and Award Badges by PGSA to boost student’s motivation

Opportunities of Competitive Participation

  • PG Swimming Academy is in collaboration with WAHOO Elite Squadwhich will provide opportunities for students to experience competitive swimming
  • Inter-Club, State-level and National-level championships participation